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"Original" Salerno's Pizza - the PIAZZA - Dine in Menu

Calzone (Baked)


we take our specialty dough and stuff it with a blend of cheeses and our homemade marinara sauce and bake it to perfection.
add your favorite fillings (max 5)
regular $1 each premium $1.50 each

Fillings:Anchovies +$1Ground beef +$1Pepperoni +$1Sausage +$1Artichokes +$1Black olives +$1Green olives +$1Green peppers +$1Ham +$1Hot giardiniera +$1Jalapeños +$1Mushrooms +$1Onions +$1Pineapples +$1Spinach +$1Tomatoes +$1Zucchini +$1
Premium Toppings:Bacon +$1.50Canadian bacon +$1.50Chicken +$1.50Italian beef +$1.50Ricotta cheese +$1.50

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